Microsoft releases new firmware update for Surface devices

As reported by Neowin, the September 2023 update includes new UEFI firmware versions for all supported Surface devices, including the Surface Book 2. For Intel-based Surface Laptop Studio and Laptop 4 systems, the update also encompasses several other system components. Additionally, the 2-in-1 detachable tablet computer, Surface Pro 7+, requires updates for GPS sensors and Dolby software components.

The September 2023 update primarily focuses on addressing security vulnerabilities and enhancing system stability and performance. This update includes the latest UEFI firmware and device drivers for all supported Surface machines, which are primarily distributed through the Windows Update service. Users can also obtain a comprehensive package from the Microsoft Download Center.

Microsoft has released the latest set of updates for its Surface devices. As explained on the official support page for Surface updates, not every Surface device will receive the latest monthly fixes simultaneously. These patches will be rolled out in stages, but they are expected to reach the entire Surface ecosystem eventually.

The big picture: Surface devices receive automatic updates through Windows Update. Each product follows its own update schedule, with the most recent patch series distributed in mid-September, covering the entire Surface lineup.

This latest Surface update aims to resolve a potentially serious security issue. Microsoft has chosen to release these patches, even for the unsupported Surface Book 2. The Intel-based 2-in-1 PC reached the end of support on June 30, 2023. However, the latest update is available for devices running Windows 21H2 or later OS versions. The manual MSI download has a size of 1.5 GB.

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Driver and UEFI firmware updates have also been released for newer Surface devices, including the Surface Book 3 (which replaced the Surface Book 2 in May 2020), Surface Laptop Studio, Surface Laptop 3-4 (Intel), Surface Pro 7+, and Pro 7 LTE. These updates are designed to address a serious security vulnerability and enhance stability in these cases as well.

Microsoft has stated that there are currently no known issues with the September 2023 patches. Therefore, the update should provide a smooth experience for most users. However, Surface Laptop 3 (Intel) customers may need to perform an additional step to ensure their system is properly configured. If the Wi-Fi connection stops working after installing the update, Microsoft advises users to turn off the machine, wait for 10 seconds, and then turn it back on by pressing and holding the power button for approximately 20 seconds.