Dropbox rolls out redesigned web interface, releases new video app and AI tools

What just happened? Dropbox announced a number of new features for its platform at the ‘Work in Progress’ conference in New York, including a complete redesign of its website. The company also debuted a new all-in-one video app called Dropbox Studio and announced improvements to its Dropbox Dash and Dropbox AI features that were revealed earlier this year.

Starting off with the redesigned Dropbox web app, the company says the new interface will make sending PDF files or tracking viewers easier and faster than ever before. The changes include an updated left navigation pane that streamlines the important tools and adds an expandable folder tree with all the necessary content.

Other additions include a new action bar that lets users record their screen, edit PDFs, upload files, create folders, get signatures, or send and track documents. The file previews have also been redesigned, making it easier to edit images, videos, and PDFs quickly. The redesigned web interface is now available to select customers, and will roll out to all users “in the coming weeks and months.”

Dropbox also introduced a new video collaboration tool called Dropbox Studio that’s designed to help users create, edit, review, approve, and publish videos with ease. The new app comes with editing options like trimming and splitting, as well as AI-powered features that let users edit videos by simply modifying the transcript. To edit videos using this feature, users simply delete words and sentences from the transcript, and the app intelligently removes the corresponding video frames.

The AI can also be used to remove filler words like ‘um’ and ‘ah’ with just one click. Finally, the new app also includes an option to post videos directly to Facebook or Instagram. Dropbox Studio will be available to select customers in the coming weeks, but it will be on ‘alpha,’ meaning you can expect plenty of bugs to start with.

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Dropbox also announced updates to Dropbox Dash and Dropbox AI that were unveiled earlier this year. The former is now available for download in open beta and should help users get “more contextually relevant search results.” In addition, Dash can use generative AI to answer queries by summarizing info from the user’s connected apps, files and other content.

Also being updated is Dropbox AI, which can now process natural language queries and sift through a user’s entire Dropbox content, including video and audio files with transcripts, to find answers and relevant files. Dropbox AI is currently rolling out in alpha, with wider availability coming soon.

Finally, Dropbox announced updated subscription plans that start at $22 per month for Dropbox Essential ($18 per month when billed annually). Dropbox Business will cost $24 per month ($20/month for annual subscribers), while the Business Plus plan is priced at $32 per month for monthly subscribers and $26 per month for annual subscribers.