Retail listings appear for unannounced Samsung T9 SSDs

Rumor mill: Samsung’s T7 series SSDs remain highly rated three years after their launch, and the T7 Shield is currently our top pick among portable SSDs. Obscure retail listings suggest a successor may arrive soon with a significant speed boost and price increase. TechRadar reports that a few online retailers have hosted listings for Samsung … ادامه

System admin and wife plead guilty to “massive” pirated software licensing scam

In a nutshell: A system administrator and his wife pleaded guilty to charges stemming from a “massive international scheme” to sell pirated telephone system software. The US Department of Justice said the couple and a co-conspirator sold bogus licenses worth more than $88 million. Brad and Dusti Pearce of Tuttle, Oklahoma, conspired with Jason Hines … ادامه

Supermassive black holes eat gas and dust in mere months, 3D simulation suggests

In context: Supermassive black holes are among the most extreme phenomena that humans have discovered in outer space. They possess a mass hundreds of thousands, or even millions to billions of times the mass of the Sun, and they are responsible for powering unprecedented luminous events known as quasars. Researchers at Northwestern University utilized the … ادامه

Apple adds hidden watermarks to iPhone 15 boxes to verify authenticity

What just happened? Apple has reportedly added a new security feature to iPhone 15 boxes that could make it easier to verify device authenticity. The Cupertino-based tech giant made no mention of the hidden watermark in the lead-up to today’s iPhone 15 launch, and why would they? Doing so would have tipped off scammers to … ادامه

Amazon is adding commercials to Prime Video, but you can pay extra to disable them

Bottom line: Amazon has announced plans to introduce ads on Prime Video, a perk that comes bundled as part of a paid Prime subscription. Needless to say, folks aren’t thrilled about the prospect of having to sit through ads for a service they already pay for and one that’s been commercial free up to this … ادامه

Microsoft’s $69 billion acquisition of Activision Blizzard almost complete after UK watchdog gives provisional approval

What just happened? The long-running saga that is Microsoft’s attempted $69 billion acquisition of Activision Blizzard appears to be almost over after the UK’s competition watchdog provisionally approved the company’s revised deal. It was back in April when the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) surprised a lot of people by blocking Microsoft’s takeover of Activision … ادامه

Teardown shows off iPhone 15 Pro internal hardware, including the A17 Pro chip

In context: Earlier this month, Apple announced the iPhone 15 series, bringing a ton of new features, including USB-C charging. During the launch event, the company claimed that the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max feature a more repairable internal design that includes an upgraded frame which allows the back glass panel to be easily … ادامه

Google accused of updating search results and algorithm to favor “AI-generated crap”

A hot potato: Google releases new updates for its search algorithms all the time. One of those latest “tweaks” has, however, made publishers and site owners worry more about AI, with low quality generated content apparently ranking better than original text written by humans in many instances. Google recently released a new improvement for its … ادامه

Nearly 500 smartphone brands have left the market since 2017

In brief: How many smartphone brands do you think have left the market since 2017? The likes of LG probably come to mind, then there are the many local, lesser-known brands. Maybe fifty, or one hundred? The actual figure is, astoundingly, nearly 500. Counterpoint Research’s analysis shows that at its peak in 2017, there were … ادامه

Microsoft pushes Copilot AI to Windows and Office as soon as next week

Ever since the first Microsoft AI event earlier this year, the company has been eager to position itself at the very tip of the Generative AI spear. Starting with its efforts around Bing Search through early glimpses of the technology being integrated into the Office suite and then Windows, Microsoft is working quickly to bring … ادامه