Google gives Android a makeover with updated logo and alternative bugdroids

What just happened? Ahead of the launch of its latest mobile operating system, Android 14, Google has given the OS brand a revamp. No longer will it appear as “android” with a lowercase “a.” The name is now shown as “Android” with a capital A. Google has also updated the bugdroid mascot with a new 3D look while introducing some alternative versions.

It’s been four years since Google gave its Android branding an update. Now, the company has confirmed it is bringing a “new modern look” to the brand.

Jason Fournier, Google’s director of Android Consumer Brand Management, wrote that the update better represents the community of over 3 billion global Android devices. The introduction of a capital A is there to add “more weight” to the Android name when it is placed next to Google’s logo, apparently.

“While we’ve added more curves and personality unique to Android, the new Android stylization more closely mirrors Google’s logo and creates a balance between the two,” he wrote. Fournier added that he hopes “these small but significant updates to the Android typeface will better communicate the relationship between Android devices and the Google apps and services people already know.”

The bugdroid, the familiar mascot of Android, is being refreshed, moving dimensions from 2D to 3D. There are also some new personalities to represent Google’s aim for diversity. In addition to the standard green bugdroid, there’s a rainbow version, one that wouldn’t look out of place at a furry convention, a glitterball bugdroid, one in a sweatband, one droid in a very Village People-like hard hat, and more.

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Fournier says to expect to see the new aspects of the brand identity, including the updated logo and 3D bugdroids, appear on Android devices and more places starting this year, likely on the same day that Android 14 launches and the Pixel 8 is announced.

Google released its first Android 14 public beta for Pixel devices back in April after rolling out two Developer Previews in February and March. Beta 5.2 arrived in late August.

Android 14 – the days of Google naming its mobile OS after desserts and sweet treats ended after Android 9 Pie – will introduce more accessibility options such as notification flashes, as well as battery features and tweaks, extra privacy features and changes, and more.