“Magneto X” 3D printer uses maglev motor system for speed and precision

Forward-looking: Peopoly specializes in manufacturing MSLA large-format resin 3D printing solutions capable of creating intricate and sophisticated shapes using next-generation photopolymer resins. However, the company’s latest product focuses on magnets and overcoming the limitations of print speed.

Magneto X is a new 3D printer from Peopoly that can produce “artifact-free” objects on the desktop using magnets. The printer employs Peopoly’s proprietary MagXY magnetic linear motor system for the X and Y axes, which can achieve an “unprecedented repeatability of 3 microns.”

Magneto X’s magnetic linear motor has no belts or pulleys and offers “true closed-loop control,” the company says. The machine can achieve a top print speed of 800 mm per second, with an acceleration rate of 22,000 mm/s, all within a “large build volume” measuring 400 mm x 300 mm x 300 mm. Typical upper limits for 3D printing speed with common materials can vary from 150 mm/s (PLA) to 50 mm/s (nylon), so Magneto X should indeed be quite fast.

The printer also boasts “wide compatibility” with printing materials, features four independent Z-axes, and a fast-heating base plate that can reach temperatures as high as 130 degrees C.

The idea for Magneto X seemingly originated during a Covid-19 lockdown enforced by Chinese authorities at Peopoly’s lab in Shenzhen. Employees were required to stay in the office, so they spent their time watching custom 3D printer builds on YouTube and ordering parts through AliExpress.

Peopoly products incorporate open-source components like the Klipper firmware and OcraSlicer. Magneto X’s nozzles are compatible with the E3D V6 volcano hotend, offering customization and modding opportunities for power users. There is no “cloud” system to subscribe to for using the printer, ensuring that customer data remains safe from remote tracking or collection.

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Magneto X users can, however, utilize the printer’s embedded camera to capture time-lapses of the printing process. The hotend is rated up to 300 degrees Celsius, which means that the aforementioned process heats up quickly. For those seeking a closed, thermally stable system, optional side and top enclosures are available and sold separately.

Magneto X is available to pre-order at the introductory price of $1,400, with shipping options to the US, Europe, and Canada. The final price may reach up to $2,000, and the optional enclosure can be purchased separately for $79. The initial batch of printers is anticipated to start shipping in late November. Peopoly already offers printers ranging from Phenom Prime ($1,500) to Phenom XXL ($8,300), positioning Magneto X at a mid-range price point.