Minecraft players launch petition and war propaganda to fight mob vote

In brief: Minecraft developer Mojang typically allows players to vote on a new animal to be added to the game each year, with the chosen creature bringing unique perks. However, this year, a significant number of players, numbering in the hundreds of thousands, have become dissatisfied and are making efforts to prevent the voting process, utilizing both traditional and inventive methods.

Many Minecraft players are actively participating in a boycott of this year’s mob vote as a form of protest against the game’s content releases over the past few years. Currently, a Change.org petition has garnered over 300,000 signatures, and creative artists have designed imaginative propaganda posters to amplify the message.

Starting October 13 at 1 p.m. Eastern, the 2023 mob vote offers players the choice between three options: a crab that allows for block placement at a greater distance, an armadillo providing a unique form of armor, and a penguin that enhances boat speed. Users can cast their votes during the in-game live event in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition, through the game’s launcher, or on Minecraft.net/live. The winner will be announced by Mojang at 1 p.m. Eastern on October 15.

One of the demands made by the protesters is for Mojang to release all three creatures and to continue this practice, releasing three creatures each year subsequently. However, IGN reports that none of these creatures undergo full development until after the voting process. Therefore, the other two creatures are not considered cut content; rather, they remain in the conceptual stage until chosen by the community.

In addition to the accusations of cut content, the petition argues that this year’s decision is exceptionally challenging due to the three equally appealing choices. The campaign also suggests that content creators have previously mobilized voters to manipulate mob votes, ensuring that the least popular option wins. If this allegation is accurate, it highlights significant issues with the online voting process.

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In a broader sense, the petition criticizes Mojang for its recent content updates, which are perceived as too small by many players. Given Microsoft’s acquisition of the company, players may have expected more extensive and frequent expansions, but what has transpired so far has apparently left some customers unsatisfied.

Posters promoting the boycott have been a prominent expression of user discontent directed at Mojang. Many of these posters draw inspiration from socialist or wartime propaganda imagery, portraying players coming together to oppose the seemingly monolithic Mojang. Additionally, videos critiquing the vote have gained traction on Twitter and TikTok.

The mob vote precedes the larger Minecraft Live event, scheduled to begin on October 15. During this annual event, Mojang will dedicate an hour to discussing updates related to the main game and Minecraft Legends, while also offering a preview of the company’s roadmap.

Thumbnail credit: @sledgefanclub